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  • strony www bydgoszcz


    Virtual shapes don’t have to be boring. They could easily win attention and be pretty convincing about reality.

    We create original websites, e-services and e-commerce projects, also for mobile devices, full of practical, bold and totally limitless ideas.

  • branding bydgoszcz


    Good image is like attraction at first sight – intriguing, fascinating and stimulating. It takes one look to know.

    We create unique brand identity concepts (logotype, corporate identity), based on coherent structures of clear, friendly and directly aimed message.

  • social media bydgoszcz

    Social media

    Facebook took over our daily world. We took over Facebook. And much more.

    We provide complete and optimal social media profiles configuration and management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), successfully interacting with users.

  • aplikacje mobilne bydgoszcz

    Mobile apps

    Once we used pockets to store our memories. Today we keep there our everyday life, always handy and within reach.

    We design innovative variety of mobile applications for the most popular mobile operating systems (Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Mobile).

  • systemy dedykowane bydgoszcz

    Dedicated systems

    Obedience to the system doesn’t mean a lack of individuality. Quite the opposite, it’s individually justified.

    We create complete dedicated mobile and desktop systems (organization, management, sales), compatibile, intuitive and effectively helpful.

  • copywriting bydgoszcz


    Written word speaks. Well written word speaks best. Best written word leaves no doubt.

    We compose unique text contents (names, slogans, websites, articles), delivering clear, precise, and effective message.


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